Saturday, May 22, 2010

Australian Shepherd Puppies, 8 weeks old!

We had fun with the puppies today after a beautiful wedding, lots of good food, and great weather. Kelsey, my daughter, returns from her 4H trip tomorrow and the pups go back to her house. I will miss them! They are such fun to walk with after they realize they can't be directly under foot.
Just about the prettiest eyes I've ever seen. Our bed and breakfast guests have been enjoying lots of wiggles and laughs!
Janice HaynesCreekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast and Cabins at Whisperwood Farm, Great Smoky Mountains, Cosby, TN

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  1. Are these purebred Aussie puppies? We just adopted a puppy from the shelter, and we know his mommy was an Australian Shepherd, but we don't know what his dad was. He looks just like the black and white one with blue eyes.



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