Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer hayfields, uncut glory!

Sometimes waking up here in the morning is so incredibly beautiful I feel like I am in a painting and I move with the colors as though I am seeing and being what I see all at once! Our hay cutter is broken and the tall grasses are long and colorful full of black eyed susans and queen anne's lace. The early morning light glows from within it all! I am so blessed! Come on back for a visit! We've been swimming in Cosby Creek with the pups!
Janice HaynesCreekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast and Cabins at Whisperwood Farm, Great Smoky Mountains, Cosby, TN, 865-696-2222

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zane Singleterry plays saxophone, Star Spangled Banner MOV096.MOD

Hope your 4th was as melodious as ours at Creekwalk! Zane and his mom entertained us after breakfast in our banquet room, an informal concert. Hope you enjoy! Keep playing, Zane...we really enjoyed our private concert!