Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lexington World Equestrian Games a fun visit--we cooked breakfast and drove up for the day!

Many of my guests last week were on the way back or to the games in Lexington. I especially enjoyed their encouragement to get up there and prepared breakfast for Annie and Chris from England and then took off October 5th to see some of my favorite horse whisperers at the games. Pat Parelli's wife was splendid on her young warmblood. I loved her way of giving treats from the saddle to reward good behavior. Also John Lyons kept us laughing with his balloon demonstration and then played with the Paso Finos and danced across the boardwalk on a high stepping paso. All in all, a wonderful day. First time ever the United States has hosted the world games. I was honored to be there, even if only for half a day. Thank you, Annie and Christopher, for sharing your delight and reminding me to go, too! Happy travels to you back home and hope to see you again.
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